Hello fellow darters. Starting Sept 26, 2017 we will have a box set up at Jasper Place Legion for donations of darts, flights, shafts, etc. for our city and surrounding areas youth.

We have found a number of youth players who aren’t joining youth dart leagues because of lack of funds in the family for registration or equipment. It is our mission that NO child will be excluded because of money and we want to provide these kids with everything they need to play!

If you have any extra darts kicking around that you don’t use anymore, or maybe bought some (child appropriate) flights, shafts, chalkers, cases; basically anything dart related that you aren’t using or need, please help fill our box so we can provide the necessary tools for our kids to enjoy this sport.

If you need any more info please message Michelle Furoy @ 780-850-1143 or michellefuroy@hotmail.com!

Thank you!