Edmonton City Dart League Association: Types of darts

Edmonton City Dart League Association: Types of darts

Darts are one of the best target games to play in gathering. This game not only offers an opportunity for people to show off their skills and strategies but also encourages teamwork and friendship. Here are some of the most-played types of darts:


In this game, players begin with an initial score that ends in 01 such as 301 and 501. The scores from each throw that a player makes throughout the game are then subtracted from the initial score. To win this game, a player must get a score of an exact zero without going past a negative number.


The main goal of this game is to throw as few darts as possible to complete each hole and whoever gets the lowest score wins the game. This is a suitable game for parties where there are many players since each turn takes only a short time. 


In this game, the team or player who gets the highest number of runs during each inning wins the game. Each player is given three darts to throw; the target in the first inning is 1’s, 2’s in the second inning and so on. 

Throws will only count if the player hits the numbers during their designated inning. Though difficult for beginners, this type of dart is perfect for players who want to practice throwing with precision.

Around the clock

This type of dart encourages a fun and light atmosphere without putting any pressure on the players. All they need to do is be the first to hit every number in the right order. As long as players keep track of the number they hit last, they stand a chance of winning the game.


There is no limit to the number of people who can join in one game. The main objective is to close six random numbers in the right order and be the first to hit the bullseye.


To play this, the names of all players are written on the scoreboard in random order. Each player must throw the dart using their non-dominant hand and the number it lands on is added next to the player’s name. A player becomes a killer if they hit the double on their number after which they are required to kill other players by hitting double in their number.


As the name suggests, players must build a castle using three darts. It starts with each player throwing a dart using their non-dominant hand. Whichever random number their dart lands on becomes their target for the castle. 

Players check off a box in their castle every time they hit their target number. If a player shoots at a double ring, they get an equivalent of two boxes, three boxes for triples and so on. 

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