Edmonton City Dart League: Tips from world class dart players

Edmonton City Dart League: Tips from world class dart players

Dart, like any other sport, is complex and requires a lot of training to master. Here at Edmonton City Dart League, we want to help you be the best at your field. Love darts? Scroll below for the best tips from professionals!

Accept that you won’t always win

Some days you hit the 50 points, some days you don’t. This is part of the process of darts, according to dart professionals. It sometimes will annoy you and can make the process a lot more difficult. Accept that it is normal and as a dart player, you have to understand that there are good and bad days. After all, we only appreciate the good days, if there are bad. 

Train against strong players

If you always win, then you’re not learning anymore. When you always fight weaker players, this won’t help you become better at your craft.

When you’re facing a stronger opponent, concentration is crucial. When you slack off or just make one mistake they will make sure that you will learn your lesson. Continuing to fight players can also help you adapt the players’ mindset and skills in no time. 

Find your throwing style

Finding a setup that works for you can do you a lot of good as it can help you feel comfortable every time you aim at the dartboard. Find what form you like and over time you can get what you have been aiming at. 

Learn to Calculate

Counting scores is one of the things that are always learned by professionals. Take for instance, when you hit a number that you weren’t expecting to hit, this can make you get out of your rhythm and flow in the game because you have to find other options that can get you back in the flow. Planning ahead can aid in your game. 

Participate in Tournaments

Join dart tournaments not just for the money, but also to gain experience and grow your skills as a dart player. Tournaments can help boost your confidence by forcing you to go out of your comfort zone. It can also teach you how to handle pressure, especially when you have to compete against contenders coming from different parts of the world.

Learning to go your way around different environments that make it difficult for you can improve your dart skills. When you learn your way around in difficult situations, it could definitely improve your dart skills.

Practice the doubles

A common advice you will hear from pro dart players is that you have to practice the doubles. Doubles are very important in the game, especially when you need them. Most dart players play the treble 20, which means that this won’t be a problem for many. However, practicing more on the doubles can improve your game in the clutch, when you need those 20s.

Don’t have favorite numbers

A great tip from Michael Van Gerwen is to not have favorite numbers. Having a favorite number or area on the dart is a weakness that will affect you in the long run. A dartboard is only a means to an end, having emotions involved can only open a lot of holes in your play.

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