Tips for choosing the perfect darts

Tips for choosing the perfect darts

Playing darts depends on the tools you’re using to win. This is why it is always important to pick the right dart that suits you. Are you new to darts and don’t know which type to buy? Then we recommend reading this guide below to find the perfect one for you!

Choose the right material for your darts

To cater to different preferences of players, darts are made with different kinds of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. Each material provides different functions from their weight to the way they are held.

When choosing darts, we recommend experimenting with different weights by throwing a set of light, medium, and heavy darts each. Darts can weigh from 12 grams to 50 grams so find the one that works best with how much physical exertion and power you have. 

If you are new to playing darts, we recommend the following materials for an easy and comfortable grip during play:

  • Darts made with nickel or silver provide a balanced material that is durable but costs less than pro-grade darts.
  • Dart made with tungsten are undeniably the most used material among dart players. This is because of its weight and sturdiness. However, it’s more pricey compared to most darts. 

Know the best dart grip for you

Choosing the best size and shape for your darts will entirely depend on the grip and technique you have. Moreover, the barrel size and shape of the dart are also crucial factors in gripping and throwing. 

To determine the right one for you, we recommend experimenting with different grips such as the 3-finger grip, 4-finger grip, and pencil grip. The technique that feels the most natural and instinctive to you is the one you should practice more.

Moreover, darts feature bumps, ridges or even tooth-like texturing called knurling. These protrusions make your grip on the dart more secure. However, you also have to take note that too much grip can make the dart ‘stick’ to your fingers, causing problems as you release the dart in your throw. Choosing the best one for you is just a matter of preference.

Consider the tips and flights

Tips are the pointed end of darts that make them stick on the board when thrown. Just like the body of the dart, the tip can come in different materials such as metal and plastic. 

Traditional cork boards require darts with metal tips to get a good stick. On the other hand, darts with plastic tips are softer because they are meant for electronic dartboards that have small holes on them to make them stick.

Lastly, you have to think about the flight which is the winglike attachment at the tail of the dart. It helps the dart be more aerodynamic by cutting down air resistance. Flights come in different weights for different types of drag that players prefer.

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