Edmonton City Dart League Association: Sharpen your darts

In playing a competitive sport like dart throwing, you must always see to it that the equipment you use is of top quality and at its best condition so it doesn’t affect your performance. 

First, you must know if your dart is sharp. Check when their points are flat or too pointy. Flat dart tips do not stick to the dartboard and often fall out. On the other hand, the wiring and fibres of the dartboard can be harmed by sharp dart tips so you should be careful.

Sharpening your darts is important because some darts may not even properly penetrate the dartboard when you first buy them. You can choose to buy perfectly sharpened darts in the market.

If you have a set of silver darts, they are more likely to fall out from the dartboard, so you might want to scuff them a little.

Sharpening darts are applicable to all kinds of steel tip darts, whether it is an inexpensive or very expensive dart, an individual must always check when using his/her darts because this would determine how they perform during the competition/game.

If you own an expensive dart then that’s good because it is usually more durable and takes time to wear out. However, nothing is permanent, so you’ll have to sharpen them too eventually. One thing to remember is that you do not have to sharpen them when it comes to soft-tip darts since they do not wear out in the same way that steel tip darts do.

If they have some burrs on the tip of the point then they should be removed immediately because the sisal fibres and the wiring of the dartboard might be harmed.

How to Sharpen your darts properly?

When sharpening your darts, there are three main steps that you have to follow. First, you have to grind the dart tips so that they will become slightly rounded. The second step is you grind around the tip of the dart to produce a slightly conical shape. And then last is you need to roughen the sides 1/2″ to 3/4″ from the end.

You must remember that you should never make it to the point where your dart is as sharp as a needle. A correctly sharpened dart must have a slightly rounded point on its tip.

To ensure that the dart tip blends nicely into the board, the second step in sharpening your dart is critical. This is needed to stop burrs. The conical tip of the dart that you make will prevent the dart from dropping out of the dartboard.

When you retrieve your darts, the reason why the grooves should be very shallow is to not harm the dartboard fibres. These grooves must be microscopic because when they come into contact with the dartboard, they are meant to provide the dart with some extra stickiness.

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