Edmonton City Dart League Association: Best dart players

As members of Edmonton City Dart League Association, we find inspiration in the triumph of the recognised best players of dart and strive to be as successful in the industry. Here are some of the most renowned dart players and their impressive achievements:

Jocky Wilson

Wilson was a crowd favourite, especially in the United Kingdom, because of his charming personality and antics during tournaments. Wilson won the World Professional Darts Championship (PDC) in 1981 and 1989. It was also during this time that he won the British Professional Championship four times. 

Dennis Priestley

Dennis Priestley was dubbed ‘The Menace’ after the popular cartoon character Dennis the Menace because of his iconic red and black shirt and dart flights. He was the first player to win the 1991 British Darts Organisation (BDO) and the 1994 Professional Darts Corporation world championships. 

Raymond van Barneveld

With numerous awards during his career, Raymond van Barneveld has been named ‘The Man’ for being one of the most successful players of darts. He won the BDO World Darts Championship four times, the PDC World Championship once, the UK Open tournament twice and the Premier League.

He was also a champion of the Bullit World Darts Trophy and the World Masters, which is the most prestigious darts tournament in the industry. What makes van Barneveld’s success interesting is that although he is naturally left-handed, he uses his right hand to throw darts which has helped him sweep countless awards in his career. 

Michael van Gerwen

Popularly known as MVG, Michael van Gerwen is a Dutch player who won the PDC World darts Championship three times and took first place in Darts World Ranking from 2014 to 2021. At 17 years old, he was the youngest player to win the 2006 World Masters and execute a nine-dart finish at the televised 2007 Master of Darts.

At 24, he was the youngest player to win the PDC World Championship in 2014. He won 18 tournaments in 2015 and 25 in 2016. He also has a total of 75 winnings in the PDC Pro Tour, a series of darts tournaments held by the PDC, surpassing Phil Taylor’s record of 70 wins.

Phil Taylor

Known as the best player in the history of darts, Taylors has been nicknamed ‘The Power’ for his exceptional skills and performance in the sport. He secured 16 World Championships and 85 major titles including 16 wins in the World Matchplay, 11 wins in the World Grand Prix, as well as in Grand Slams, Six Premier Leagues and other tournaments. 

Furthermore, he was awarded the Player of the Year by the Professional Darts Corporation six times and was twice nominated for Personality of the Year in the BBC Sports awards ceremony.

In 2011, the PDC added his name to its Hall of Fame. After the PDC World Darts Championship in 2018, Taylor officially retired from the sport.

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