Edmonton City Dart League Association: Basic dart games for beginners

If you are looking for easy dart games that you can easily get into, we have the best ones just for you! Edmonton City Dart League Association has selected the best beginner-friendly dart games that will give you and your buddies a fun and exciting game without the hassles!

Common dart rules: 

Before you start playing you must first take note of these few rules. No matter how friendly the competition, it is always better to have guidelines that will set the game straight and fair for everyone involved. Here are a few basic rules that you must know before you throw your shot!

  1. To decide who gets to start the game, each player must throw a dart to the bullseye. Whoever is closest shall be the one to begin the game.
  2. The number of players involved doesn’t matter, however, each player must take turns in throwing 3 darts each on the board. 
  3. During your turn, you must throw one dart at a time. Each of the dart scores will tally to the total of the three darts you have thrown. However, any dart that falls, misses, or bounces off from the board, earns no score. If your dart sticks to another dart, it counts as a throw and will therefore get no score. 

Beginner-friendly dart games: 


Player: Any number of participants, but usually involves two players or teams

Number in play: The thing that makes 301 easy is that every number is in play, however, landing on 19 and 20 will quickly land you as the winner of the game

Rules: Each player starts with 301 points to their disposal. The goal is to reach zero by subtracting the numbers in which your dart lands in. For example, your dart landed on 20, you will now subtract 20 from the 301 points that you have. 

Round the world 

Player: Best played with two players

Numbers in play: Any number on the board is playable

Rules: The objective of this game is to be the first player to hit every number on the board in sequence from 1 to 20. You can hit any part of the number whether it’s single, double, or triple counts as long as the numbers are hit, you are free to advance to the next round. 


Player: Any number of players will do. But, having three or more participants will make the game more fun and exciting

Number in play: Each of the numbers is determined by the players. You must throw your dart with the opposite of your functional hand. If you miss or hit a number that was already claimed, you will need to throw again. 

Rules: Each player will try to hit the double of their number. If they succeed they will be called the killer. Once you become a killer, you can aim for the double number of other players. If you hit the target, the player whose double you hit will be eliminated from the game. 

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