4 helpful dart tips for beginners

Darts have never been out of style. They are known as a game played during casual Friday nights with friends. However, there are professional players out there who play darts or who want to play darts in a professional manner. If you want to be serious about playing darts, there are some tips you can use in order to play from amateur level to that of a professional.

Darts as a game has a great community of players wherever you may be. It is a simple game that requires intricate application of techniques in order to master it. 

Though it takes practice like any other sport out there, it will all be worth it once you become a professional yourself. For example, some of the great dart players you’ll ever know are part of the Edmonton City Dart League Association. Read on to learn about some helpful dart tips that can help you as a beginner.

Master the rules

The game seems extremely simple from the outsider’s perspective. For many people, darts are about throwing projectiles to a target and nothing more. Though they are not completely wrong, they are not completely right either. 

Though basic darts seem to have simple rules on the surface, you must educate yourself about the dozens of game variants of darts. Each of them has its own particular set of rules.

Learn your grip preference

The reason why professional dart players have excellent accuracy is because of their perfected grip. Though darts are small in size, there are various ways of gripping them. There are five, four, three, and even two-fingered grips.

Though there are grip variations, there are no right or wrong grips. Each variation has certain advantages. Therefore, it is important that you know which grip variation works for you. The earlier you figure this out, the earlier you will be able to excellently hone your dart playing skills.

Figure out your stance preference

There are several stance preferences that a veteran dart player chooses from. The manner that you stand on the oche line may have a dramatic impact on your performance. 

In the beginnings of dart playing in history, it was usual for players to stand with both feet facing forward towards the throwing line. However, such a stance eventually fell out of favor because it forces the player’s body into a rigid position. This did little to aid the natural motion of the arm during a throw.

Today, various side stances are the most popular in dart playing. Such angled stances provide the body with a natural and balanced posture. 

Practice basic arithmetic

Most dart variants require basic knowledge of arithmetic. Even during standard tournaments, it will be in your favor if you have the ability to practice arithmetic quickly.

When scoring a game of darts, it will require players to be able to quickly add, subtract, and multiply small numbers. For instance, calculating doubles and triples require mental math. Just ask professionals like the members of Edmonton City Dart League Association. Practicing basic Arithmetic will serve you good as a dart player.