Want to spare?

If you are not a current member of the league but would like to spare, please contact the current President, Cory Bowen, at clbowen@shaw.ca or the current Drawmaster, Melissa Kimmitt, at melikimsat@gmail.com and we will get your name added to the list of available spares

Need a spare?

If you are in current need of a spare for your team, contact the captains in your section to see if they have any players available to spare. A team cannot provide a spare if it will make their own team short a player.

Rule 2.6.1 states: "A registered player in good standing may spare for another team in his/her section ONLY, providing his/her own team is not short of players and both captains agree.

If there are no spares available in your section, you may bring in a player from outside the league, provided the spare fee is paid prior to play resuming for the week. 

Players looking to spare​​

Lance Brown - Ph #: 587-985-0410

Craig Wagner - Email: sedubius@gmail.com

​Jared Ladouceur - Ph #: 780-805-1732