Need a spare?

If you are in current need of a spare for your team, contact the captains in your section to see if they have any players available to spare. A team cannot provide a spare if it will make their own team short a player.

Rule 2.6.1 states: "A registered player in good standing may spare for another team in his/her section ONLY, provided his/her own team is not short of players and both captains agree.

If there are no spares available in your section, you may bring in a player from outside the league, provided the spare fee is paid prior to play resuming for the week. 

Want to spare?

If you are not a current member of the league but would like to spare, please contact the current President, Cory Bowen, at or the current Drawmaster, Melissa Kimmitt, at and we will get your name added to the list of available spares

Players looking to spare​​

Jackie Kryskow - please message on Facebook (Last section played in City League - D. Available to                                              spare in all sections)
Lisa Flindall - 587-334-3537 (Never played in City League. Available to spare in all sections)
Dustin Gibb - 780-818-9296 - (Last section played in City League - B.                                                      Available to spare in section A, B or C)
Rick Etmanski - 780-909-6801 (Available to spare in section C)
Shirley Burroughs - (Last section played in City League - C. Available to spare                                                   in all sections)

George Ronaghan - 587-338-8676 (Last section played in City League - A. Available to spare in A or B)